OSHA Basics - Multi-employer citation | Distracted Driving (CORE)
Distracted Driving will discuss the types of distractions and problems that exist from being distracted on the road.  OSHA Multi-Employer Citation will discuss who is defined as an “employer”, and who is responsible for the safety of the workers on the job site.  This class also counts towards the 5% WCF/HBA association membership workers’ compensation premium discount.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) requirements for both General Contractors and Subcontractors (CORE) 

The Critical SWPPP Compliance class will provide a basis for stormwater regulations by outlining a Brief History of Stormwater Regulations, application, enforcement, and modern day trends while emphasizing what is required on construction sites as outlined in detail with The 5 Rules of Stormwater Compliance:  NOI Permits, SWPPPs, BMP Installation, Inspections, and Site Maintenance.

Time and Attendance, Overtime, Drive Time – FLSA updates (CORE) 

This class will review the basics of the Fair Labor Standards Act relating to record keeping/time & attendance, exempt vs. non-exempt, tracking of drive time, overtime issues.

Lean Construction/Building – What you need to know (CORE) 
What’s all the hype about Lean Construction? Can Lean really help improve productivity, efficiency, profits and relationships? The answer is an emphatic, YES! It has been stated that your current process is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently achieving. The complexity of the construction industry today requires more than the management techniques of yesterday. Lean Construction is a management strategy that produces the superior results we are looking for. Come learn about identifying and eliminating the eight wastes defined by Lean Construction to improve both productivity and profitability.  Lean will improve any project, any manager, any schedule, any budget, and any process.

Radon Mitigation (CORE)
This class will discuss why Radon mitigation is important.  How you install Radon systems for both new construction, and retrofit projects.  Statistics on issue relating to radon exposure.

Risk Transfer | DOPL Insurance rules update | Pitfalls of Insurance Exclusions (CORE)
We will discuss the issues of risk transfer in construction (upper tier contractors & lower tier contractors), and ways to protect yourself.  We will look at “best practices” from an insurance standpoint, what insurance liability exclusions to watch out for, and the NEW DOPL rule relating to proper insurance coverage, and the penalty for non-compliance.

Tips on how contractors can survive a DOT audit (CORE)
Most contractors do not realize that many of the DOT rules apply to them.  This class will discuss many of the requirements for contractors and subcontractors relating to DOT rules.  If you drive a truck/van that with the combined weight of it + any trailer (and trailer content) it is pulling, you drive on public highways, and you conduct commerce, DOT rules apply to you.  Some of these include:  Non-CDL requirements, vehicle (including trailers) inspections, special insurance requirements, driver requirements (both CDL & Non-CDL), record keeping, and more.  With an average fine of $3,000 for your first offense, it is important that you understand and follow the rules. 

Stix & Bricks to Dollars & Sense – Business Tools for Success (CORE)
Business can be much easier than we make it. Results are very predictable!  This class will focus on the how to’s of transitioning from trade specifics to business specifics.  Whether you’re in survival mode or you want to gain market share, you will leave with some clear next steps to add to your business tool kit and give you solid footing to achieving excellent results in 2017!

 Discussion topics will include:
·         How do I engineer my company for profit?
·         How to Manage Uncertainty
·         6 of the most common and costly marketing mistakes that small businesses almost always make.
·         How to use planning to increase success in your business by 10-15x
·         Taking the fear out of failing

Creating Your Client Experience (PROFESSIONAL) 
This class will discuss:  What is Customer Experience?  Why understanding Customer Experience is important in our industry?  The 6 different stages of the Customer Experience.  Touchpoints vs. Customer Journey.  Identifying opportunities.  The value of “good journeys”.  Accountability. 

Cost Accounting – How to make money.  Factoring, Revenue Management and Bonding (PROFESSIONAL) 
Job costing is important to contractors to: prepare estimates, run and manage jobs, forecast jobs, and support for claims and change orders.  Review steps to manage job costs: obtain cost data, analyze data, formulate a plan of action, and execute plan.  Review Key Performance Indicators and discuss specific KPI’s relevant to contractors.  Discussion of financial bench marks and operational elements evaluated by bond issuers. 

Lien Law Updates | Construction Contract (CORE) 
The latest updates in the code relating to Lien Law.  Review of construction agreements/contracts- the what to haves, and the what to watch out for.

Protect your Assets – Legal entity structuring, Retirement Planning, Titles on Property/Vehicles (PROFESSIONAL) 
How to use different entity structures to protect your personal assets.  Discussion on retirement planning, and strategy.  How to properly title company assets, including property & vehicles to compartmentalize risk, and to avoid insurance claim denials for lack of insurable interest.   

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